If possible,
I would like my grandma to attend our wedding.

I am bed stricken now,
but I would love to attend my grand-son’s wedding,

These two feelings are connected through cutting edge technology,
the something has started.

About HUG

Feelings fly over
distance and time,
and it will
make a new world.

Although she is lying in the bed of the hospital,
we want her to attend our wedding.

So we created ' HUG' using a head-mounted screen and a robot.
HUG is the virtual communication.

Then it has been created.

Our feelings for our endearings cross the distance,
time and bring the new world.
New possibilities have begun now.


system of HUG

A communication to the pepper
is based on the engine of “Inter controller”,
the remote control application provided by Inter Robot Inc.


To let HUG PROJECT accelerate,
we are recruiting colleagues to work and describe the future together with us


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